SPARK PLUG: Caution, Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages.


The spark plug is an electric device that is attached to the cylinder head of some internal combustion engines and uses electric sparks to ignite compressed aerosol gasoline.

The spark plug has an isolated center electrode, which is connected to the outer ignition coil or magnetic circuit via a highly insulated wire, creating a spark gap inside the grounded cylinder at the bottom of the spark plug.

Internal combustion engines include gasoline engines that require spark plugs to initiate combustion and compressed ignition (diesel) engines that compress air and then inject diesel fuel into a heated compressed air mixture to self-ignite.

Spark Plug

The compression spark engine can use glow plugs to improve cold start characteristics.


Twin Tip (TT).

Nickel TT.

Nickel alloy centre and “twin protruding ground electrode”.

Low fuel consumption.

Improved fuel consumption.

Quiet engine operation even under extreme conditions.

Highest price / performance ratio High performance Spark plug.

Iridium TT.

Two ultra-fine, highly durable center and ground electrodes up to 20% better performance compared to traditional.

Nickel plugs.

Life 120,000 km.

First class OEM technology at a lower price Wider Vehicle range.

CAUTION! (Prohibition of using spark plugs)

Never use DENSO spark plugs for the engines of aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, gliders, and drones.

DENSO spark plugs are not designed or manufactured for airplanes.

If used, it may lead to an accident such as an airplane crash due to engine failure.

Do not use the DENSO spark plugs listed in the catalog for motors in generators or gas heat pump air conditioning systems.

These spark plugs are not designed or manufactured for this application.

Using the may lead to an accident such as a power outage or heat generation.

Another catalog of DENSO combined heat and power spark plugs is available, especially for the 6 generator (gas engine).

Please contact your DENSO representative for more information.

Do not ignite the gas burner with a DENSO spark plug.

Such use can cause ignition failure or equipment damage due to overheating.

Recommended Torque and Tightening Angle for DENSO plugs.

Use a suitable wrench on the hex of the connector, being careful not to damage the insulator.

When replacing, be careful not to let oil on the outside of the plug get inside the motor.

When installing the plug, clean the motor side of the flange, make sure the gasket is on the flange, and then insert the plug.

Make sure the plug is vertical and tighten it by hand until it cannot be tightened.

Then use a torque wrench to tighten to the correct torque value.

If the torque wrench cannot be used, use a spark plug wrench to tighten at the recommended speed.

See the electronic catalog for more information on absolute torque values.


Connection Screw.

removable, crimped or solid.

Ceramic insulator.

5 Rib design is used throughout the surface.

This reduces voltage loss and prevents false sparks.

High-purity aluminum oxide is used.

Good electrical insulation, durability, thermal conductivity

Chemically stable Special copper glass seal Good airtightness, durability, thermal conductivity.


Highly corrosion resistant nickel plated Electric heat seal

Heat resistance ensures good airtightness and low thermal range variation

Resistor 5KΩ reduces radio noise

Compared to other manufacturers, DENSO uses high copper concentration for better thermal properties

Powerful and constant spark from low speed to high speed

Center electrode The center electrode of DENSO’s iridium candles has a minimum diameter of 0.4 mm

Ground electrode.

U With groove, more complete combustion is possible.

Ignite evenly in the conical section.

Available with Platinum Chips for Long Service Life

Available with Needle Tip for Long Service Life and Optimal Ignition

Spark Gap.

Because most Denso Spark Plugs are pre-manufactured for application No need to separate by yourself


Continuous production of optimal combustion.

Fully functional spark plugs are compatible with fully functional combustion systems.

Better fuel economy.

A soft and energetic start.

Low harmful emissions.


The main disadvantage is the cost of iridium spark plugs.

You may not see any performance improvement.

Various layering techniques can produce below average results. Some coatings can be brittle.

Iridium spark plug dust increases the risk of flammability.

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